Russell Fastraxx – JCB Fastrac Fun

Russell Fastraxx provide country wide sales service and parts back-up for your Fastrac. Our knowledge and experience will ensure your JCB Fastrac keeps operating at optimum output while maintaining safety and reliability through out your working year, in an agricultural, construction, transport, forestry or other niche sector environment where comfort,speed and output are key requirements to your business.
However on our day off we still like to see how these unique machines can perform when pushed to the limits in a controlled environment, as seen here on BBC’s Top Gear


The Stig Driving the 8250 Fastrac




Even the Stig was not prepared for the fantastic road holding abilities of this beast!

Please don’t try this at home folks – keep this style of driving for the test track only!!


The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.

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